2014 A new beginning

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2014 is expected to be an important transitional year for humanity. This might be reflected in the monetary financial system transforming into a system serving humanity. All the unseen will be revealed in 2014. Parallel to this transition we make a giant leap in the awaking of our collective consciousness. 2014 invites us into living our passion and exploring unity consciousness. Let this article inspire you to do so. This article can hopefully help you find some stability when moving through all these changes; trough the inner process; the interaction between the inner, the outer world and the processes in the world around you.

What can be found in this article ?

This astrological annual report primarily provides information and insights on how to deal with sof abuser-victimhood and situations of power and powerlessness in 2014. Trends and developments are described as well as insights in the inner processes. This text can best be read from the heart since not all can be comprehended by the mind so therefore I invite you to feel and experience what this text brings you on an energetic level this text helps you through issues of control and towards the new energy. It also provides insights in the background of the enormous changes of our financial system with some interesting YouTube videos and links.

This article contains four levels divided in separate chapters:

1. Inner experiences in 2014.

2. Interaction between inner and outer world in 2014.

3. In the world, the collective in 2014 and

4. Final conclusion.

1. Inner experiences in 2014

Overview of the inner process

2014 promises to be an intense year with great potential but accompanied with huge risks. We are challenged to commit to what really matters. To see for ourselves what is valuable to us (annotation*1) We have to risk this giant step even though this demands lots from us. Pluto in Capricorn is ‘the guard on the doorstep’ and will only allow us to pass through if we ARE truly authentic and can let go of what doesn’t really serve us. While at the same time we have to stand up for what our heart desires (annotation *2) and trust that what really belongs to us will flow to us automatically (annotation *3) This however requires true commitment; responsibility and autonomy. To really own what you choose without forcing it and at the same time remaining open so that the creation can manifest by itself with ease and grace. When you are truly one with your own Core and BEING, any creation will manifest easily, quickly and simply. If you try to force things or allow yourself to be forced, up to the point where you may even start to feel victimized, Pluto ‘the guard on the doorstep’ will not allow you to pass through and you will basically experience abuser-victimhood, playing out roles of power or powerlessness.

Drawing above: 5th degree Scorpio, first sign, outer symbol.

On the left side a field with ripe corn is shown which have been broken by a storm. On the right side a prairie is shown which has been hit by a hurricane with trees bending while a dwarf without legs and a red face of excitement waves an axe pretending wanting to take part in the destruction of the storm.

The above sign, which can be found in the book of Koppejan, develops into a second sign: ‘A massive rocky coast unchanged by the storms of many centuries’ (annotation*1) This second sign symbolizes BEING and its stillness. Both signs show us what we are asked to accomplish in 2014 on the inner plane. (annotation *4) Do we allow our lowerself feelings to rave and destroy or are we centered in the stillness of our BEING like the rock? The first sign possibly also refers to panic and destruction of nature and her beings.


In 2014 destruction wants to be transformed into the stillness of BEING. Whenever we try to control things based on power or powerlessness and hold onto a situation then this same situation will become potentially destructive. We can just simply let go because it doesn’t serve who we really are any longer. All things that are not authentic will disappear when we let go.(annotation t*6) In this state of stillness and BEING you might even experience emptiness and nothing to hold onto. Consciousness itself, the spark of God is then your only reason for existence. The only thing that matters is BEING present in your life and body. From this state of being impulses will arise which will lead the way to your passion.


Letting go is possible on various levels: soul, energetic, mental, emotional, physical level etc. All these layers of holding onto and letting go can be shown to you. Letting go doesn’t mean  you cannot take on a large project or your life’s work or that what makes your heart sing. However it is important to really own a creation and let go of the outcome at the same time. The creation will then manifest in divine timing in a way serving all those participating.  

This also means acting, saying no when necessary and showing leadership over your creation when impulses arise from within. After all we humans are multidimensional beings. We are a collection of ego, soul and Core Being (Holy Spirit) in various facets and dimensions. What is not authentic and therefore doesn’t belong to our Core being will emerge in this year. The parts that don’t belong to our Core BEING, have an interest in the outcome of your creation and therefore will move you away from your Core BEING.

2. Interaction between inner and outer world in 2014

‘Does education kill creativity?’

Nowadays everything in life is forced into structures and it is important to be conscious that we have allowed ourselves to be forced into these structures. It is easy to become snowed under by responsibilities and our busy lives can take us over completely.

Structures are overwhelmingly dominant in our lives and many people cannot function like this anymore. Education is a good example of dominant structures. In most modern country’s we collectively decided that all children have to go to school until they are about eighteen for a certain number of hours per year and acquire certain knowledge. The energy of 2014 clearly demonstrates that this is not without side effects. In 2014 we are inspired to create new structures providing space for creativity.

As an introduction you can watch these two YouTube videos and be inspired by them. Both videos can be watched on my website www.inzichten.com. The first one is a YouTube video ‘This is what happens when a kid leaves traditional education…….’ (annotation*7) from Logan Laplante. Logan Laplante is a 13 years old boy who passionately speaks about his personal experience with education and his passion. The second video is a ‘TEDx’ talk from ‘Sir Ken Robinson’. TEDx talk’s represents ‘ideas worth spreading’. In this video Sir Ken Robinson warmheartedly and humorously advocates an educational system that cherishes creativity instead of undermining it. Title of this video by Ken Robinson is: ‘Do schools kill creativity’. The TEDx talk by Ken Robinson inspired Logan Laplantes mother. She started homeschooling her son and primarily guided him in his quest for happiness and searched for learning materials fitting his interests. The energy of 2014 demands for a fusion of creativity, responsibility and structures.

Natural authority

This boy, Logan Laplante, aged 13 probably has his Core Quality in Capricorn just like all other young people aged 13 in 2014. (annotation*7) This Core Quality (Black Moon) in Capricorn shows us how to be authentic. Apart from that it also shows us how to be a leader of our own lives and to only accept external structures and responsibilities when they support our lives and consciousness. This is what we call natural authority.

This group of 13 year old youngsters experienced an activation of their Core Quality in 2013. (annotation *8) In 2013 and partly also in 2014 their survival mechanism was taken to a new level. They are inspired to share their authenticity with the world around them and to learn how to say no to situations which drain their energy. This 13 year old boy shows us that this group of young people understands the power of structures very well and in a completely natural way.

University of life

In Rob Riemens book: ‘University of Life’, the writer interviewed people who excel in their particular field of expertise. Most striking is that all people interviewed are autodidact and did not learn there specialism at school. These celebrities show us that following your heart and thereby not walking the conventional  path brought them these special experiences in their lives and let them discover and live their passion. These celebrities advise us: ‘Discover your passion and express it’. ‘Dare to be different’. (annotation *6&*9)

Singing heart

The Black Moon in the birth horoscope leads the way to this passion. Horoscopes of celebrities show this time and time again. You cannot learn this passion in school, you can only learn it in life. Life always brings us where we are meant to be if we dare to let go of the dominant structures of ‘all that we have to do’ and our need to control things. And this is exactly  what these celebrities did. They listened to the singing of their heart and expressed these vibrations.

Oppressing ties are becoming so tangible and intensely felt in and around 2014 that we cannot do anything else then than to recognize them and let go. (annotation *3) We are inspired or forced to take another very close look at our adopted basic values and driving forces. This may result in tensions within our social relationships and our love live in 2014 (annotation *10&*16&*26) Our love also wants to become autonomous.

New earth connection

The survival mechanism in the horoscope of 2014 shows us that it is not always easy to stay connected with the earth’s energy. (annotation*2) We are invited to find our own authentic and unique way to connect to earth. We need to let go of the old ways of grounding and find new ways on various planes to connect to earth. We have to allow this connection to unfold from within. When you connect to the earth from your own authentic self (from the Being that you are) then you connection is unique. You can for instance connect to the earth in a way, what I call, ‘earthing with the energy of water’. Others need a more equal alignment (from being to being) to the earth to connect in an fluid way.  It is important to take responsibility for your own specific way of connecting to the earth. The earth is now awake at new layers of consciousness and this invites for a new way of connecting.

Useful meaninglessness

At the beginning of 2014 a feeling of uselessness can be experienced. This feeling can be present in the first months of the year without any clear reason and invites you to let go and turn your attention to your inner world to explore what makes your heart sing. ‘What makes your life worthwhile?’, is the big question asked by the inner world. Out of a period where you let go of your attachments, seemingly passiveness and not doing very much an impulse might arise. This impulse will show you your passion or maybe it will even allow your passion to come to you, by making you discover things in the university called your daily life. This letting go and searching is most powerful until March 23 around the spring solstice. It is possible that already by the end of February a desire arises to connect with others and to express and share your passion with others. (annotation*11)


The new masculine

The annual horoscope indicates that the collective masculine energy inside us will now be taken to a new level of consciousness and Being. (annotation *13) During a group meditation in my practice this new masculine and the new masculine-feminine connection was experienced spontaneously. The collective (social) masculine energy is searching for a new way to express himself in these times and so far this energy was not able to find its optimal divine place in the collective. The old masculine is tough, carrying and problem solving.

The group experienced the new masculine energy as honorable and respectable; radiant like a sun. From the old days of the knight and the start of Christianity (maybe even before that) the feminine and masculine energy got tied up in a distortion. The collective feminine was only allowed to be virgin and helpless and was not allowed to live her power. Women who refused to give up their power were burned as witches. The masculine (the knight) was there to take care of her.

From this a division emerged in the connection masculine-feminine ;man-virgin-wh/witch. This resulted in patterns stuck inside of us on a deep DNA level and the masculine not being able to express himself and his power because he had to take care of the feminine. Nowadays in our modern society most women have already reclaimed their power (witch, maladjusted feminine). Now is the time for the masculine to return to his independent power of Being.

This power was experienced as honorable, proud, independent and merged with his inner world. It was loving, tender, powerfully visible and radiant like the sun. Inner and outer world completely merged. As a result of this the connection masculine-feminine can be expressed in a new divine way. Independent, free and equal. This transition wants to take place in the collective and each man and woman. Masculine energy in women and feminine energy in men. Masculine and feminine then merged. Give each other space in 2014 to become who you really Are and to establish this new connection in equality. Everyone on their own independent feet as completely new human being. Collectively we are going to see the new masculine way of expression that will replace the old dominant and controlling masculinity.

Creativity in 2014

Since the beginning of 2014 (end of January annotation*6) the Black Moon is in Leo. The Black Moon represents the Spark of God; our divine being in the cosmic horoscope. Through this cosmic level we can transcend personality and soul layers of the blueprint. When we allow ourselves to live our divine being this results in a strong feeling of joy. This is then something that just comes natural to us but is experienced as something special by others. Actions that derive from the Black Moon in Leo empower you and others and is marked by the absence of (egoistic) interests.  

Black Moon in Leo encourages us to let go of identifications and to easily express our creativity. But most and foremost to enjoy the process of creation and to express our own unique individuality. In its highest octave Black Moon in Leo encourages us to be a Creator and to directly manifest our inner fire. After March 3 we are truly inspired from the Core of our Divine Being and we will experience an even stronger desire to express ourselves and create


The pressure that has been building up for a few years reaches its peak on March 3rd 2014 and encourages us to let go and start living from the stillness of our BEING. Pluto is then in an exact conjunction with the astrological Diamond. The pressure will be at maximum and forces us to be still and in connection with our Divine being. It has to be done! This same position will be active two more times this year: on May 27th 2014 and January 1st 2015. The process towards this first interconnection will result in very powerful pressure, that will let your divine inner space grow. The two other interconnections in May and January will show us what is still unseen and what homework is not done yet. 2014 invites us to live from authenticity and stillness and to express our creativity from the core of our being. 


Patent on nature

In October 2012 an important consciousness process started which led to recognizing Authoritarian power inside ourselves and in the world. Some found loopholes in the law such as gentech company Monsanto who in 2013 asked for – and was granted a patent on natural broccoli.(annotation *12) During most of 2013 the black moon was in Cancer with Jupiter alongside it which resulted in awareness and activity in the area of food. Sometimes something as shocking as patenting nature needs to take place to really wake us up. Food was a topic in 2013 and especially problems with food and searching which food is right for you personally.

Being nourished

In 2014 this process continues. (annotation*10a) We really need to be nourished – both by our inner world as well as the world around us. The conjunction of Black Moon and the Black Sun in Cancer in 2013 and 2014 inspires us to open ourselves to our birthright of being completely and totally nourished. It is about the realization that we are still and have always been part of Source. We carry our own Spark of God, that is your special part of Source and that’s why you are always nourished and fed. All we need to do is realize it, open the door and allow it in. Allow yourself to become one with the nutrition of your own inner Spark of God. We are invited to follow our own personal way and let go of strong crying needs and desires and experience that you are nutrition yourself and that you are alright and fed.

Recognizing authentic leadership

As of October 2012 the masses were encouraged to appreciate, recognize and support authentic leadership and self-control. Both in ourselves and in the world around us. Here Saturn and Pluto are interplaying in an astrological reception. From December 23rd 2014 till June 16th 2015 this very intense interplay releases for the first time. Saturn will let the astrological sign of Scorpio go( Scorpio the sign of letting go and destruction) and then move into Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, Saturn allows us to be inspired and we feel a wish to enthusiastically start using our creative power to construct and start building everything up again. Between June 16th 2015 and September 19th 2015 this astrological position of authoritarian power versus authentic leadership is again active for a short while but after September 2015 it will end. 

3. In the world, the collective in 2014

Beeld 6de graad Schorpioen, boek Koppejan
Beeld 6e graad Schorpioen, book Koppejan

Drawing above: First sign, outer symbol On the left we see a well maintained and beautifully designed blooming garden. On the right side we see an uncultivated unkept garden with a damaged fence in which a donkey (with headstall but free) runs around kicking up stones and pieces of earth in the air with its hind legs.

This sign of 6th grade of Scorpio which can be found in the book of Koppejan (annotation*1) provides information on the direction of the energy in 2014: practical and in daily life. It shows both sides of the same coin concerning structure and dealing with responsibility. In the left side of the drawing the garden is way too structured and regulated to be natural; the sign on the other side shows the exact opposite.

This is what we can experience more frequently in 2014 inside ourselves and in the world. (annotation*21) The annual horoscope of 2014 shows us that we can only unite these extremes in ourselves and in the world if we accept what is present and let go what no longer serves us. This is the planet Pluto’s cosmic octave. Then after we let go, we will be able to find our passion and know who we really are. (annotation*10)

This second image will show us the development of the dualistic image of structures (garden) and chaos (mule). The description of the second image is: ‘The Californian hills in which silent peace is interrupted by the ‘gold rush’ A meaningful secret is discovered and an egobatlle arises over the profit (gold).

Global Reset

This second image provides information coming from the annual horoscope of 2014 in the northern moon node in the second house in Scorpio. This astrological position indicates arising of power versus powerlessness in the area of values and possession. I even expect a revaluation of values and money. Maybe even a global reset of debts and values and either a revaluation of the financial system or a leap to one Global currency or even a necessary arise of local currency. Who will know which direction the changes go?! The second image of the ‘gold rush’ shows us that an egobattle arises as a result of this. (annotation*12) A battle for equality, freedom and living your life (structure) following your inner desire and wishes. (annotation*13) How this will unfold cannot be predicted at the moment due to the complexity of it all.

Gold rush

This second image speaks of the ‘gold rush’ and is showing us unique possibilities to gain a huge financial profit and to find fortune this way. This is a possible explanation for the financial gold or inner gold spoken of in the image. Willem Middelkoop wrote a book; ‘De big reset’ in which he describes a reset of our value system and he advocates investing in physical gold. This because gold will probably maintain its value when the monetary financial system crashes. He expects this reset no sooner than 2015-2017. However the annual horoscope of 2014 points out that this probably will happen in 2014. The annual horoscope of 2017 indicates a change in values, but the annual horoscope of 2014 shows a lot more tension regarding value systems.(annotation*22) In the YouTube video of RTL Nieuws you can watch the interview with Willem Middelkoop.


I do not agree with all he says but he has some interesting perspectives so remain critical and do your own research… More videos of Willem Middelkoop can be watched on the RTL Nieuws website. Willem Middelkoop speaks as well about the creation of enormous opportunities that the irrational operations of the financial markets will open up. In other words possibilities to create your own gold rush and to use loopholes in the law that create these changes. But don’t attach to much to these values and possessions your gain, because it can change overnight in these times of value changes.


Other and new alternatives for the current monetary system like Bitcoin will emerge. Bitcoin was created through online shopping. The value of Bitcoin took a flight and has risen so much in value that you could see this as a sort of ‘gold rush’ and acquiring of wealth. Maybe it is even a answer to avoid the monetary system when this becomes instable. The value of Bitcoin has not been super stable as well, so be careful. At least you stay out of the system with Bit coin. China now has forbidden any trade in Bit coin. Bitcoin gives the opportunity to avoid the manipulative and controlling systems of the monetary system. Bitcoin has become a serious and official digital way of payment and shows us that we ourselves determine the value of something. This development makes us conscious and prepares us to create a new financial system that provides more freedom and possibilities. This awareness helps us to let go of the firm grip we allow money to have on our personal lives and our society. Be (annotation*1) You can read more about Bitcoin in Peter B.Meyers column. (annotation*23) Be careful, because Bitcoin is not very stable.


Below Peter B.Meyers column a YouTube video is posted (annotation*23) with Karen Hudes speaking about the foundation of our current financial system. She was an employee of the World bank and a whistleblower. She tells what the annual horoscope of 2014 shows us as well. Something has to change now. When our world leaders keep manipulating the monetary financial system, to try to keep the system up and running, the more powerful the force that instigates changes will become. If we move along with the changes then renewal can take place in an easy and stable way.

It is important to redefine our true basic values. (annotation*1). Money now keeps us hostage and it is about time that money starts serving life, instead of us serving the monetary and financial system. On January 26th 2014, ‘Tegenlicht’ broadcasted a documentary in which specialists explain very clearly what is going on with the monetary system. (annotation*27) On the website of Tegenlicht by VPRO more interesting interviews about banking and financial system can be found.


There is another side of self-enrichment at the expense of others. For instance companies like Monsanto. They have found loopholes in the European law patenting natural broccoli and gaining a financial profit. This is an example of self enrichment of governments, institutes and of those who are on top of the ‘food chain’. (annotation*12) If the information from whistleblower Karen Hudes in the YouTube videos is true, this indicates that the complete monetary system is based on the self-enrichment for the top. 2014 offers possibilities to break free from this.

This breaking free can be achieved by taking another very close look at your own responsibilities and to discover to what rules you conform yourself. (annotation *1) When we make other choices and reclaim our sovereignty and become autonomous in several areas such as an autonomous financial system; more flaws of governments and leaders will be revealed. Alongside we can rediscover and give space to what really matters in our lives such as autonomous love and following our passion.

New beginning

I expect the situation ahead will divide us. There are those who choose power and control and those who choose to let go and see where impulses lead them, by listening to their inner values and to what will unfold from within. It most certainly indicates a new beginning. (annotation*14) The survival mechanism that the annual horoscope of 2014 shows us, demands to understand the power of Pluto. Pluto is ‘guard on the doorstep’ to move to the cosmic octave in yourself and in your life: Pluto brings you in to silence and BEING. (annotation*15) Pluto demands completely letting go of control and surrendering to your higher self. If you are not able to do this, you will find yourself in a battle with power and feelings of powerlessness. Feeding the mechanism of abuser-victimhood and possibly the situation will get out of hand and becomes more than you can handle.

I suspect that the oppressing fear that causes struggles with power and powerlessness will reach very high levels. Up to the point where people and institutes behind the systems (structures) are ready to let go, so new solutions can come to the surface that belong to our era and will serve the whole collective and each individual. These solutions will probably focus more on giving, authenticity and self-supporting values, that will support stability and responsibility. They will stimulate self-support that arises from freedom and will demand responsibility in their own natural way. (annotation*16)

All is one

Those who are prepared to start anew may experience the fighting energy as an inspirational kick off to start cooperating and to carry responsibility for the collective. (annotation *13) The processes we will experience in 2014 instigates us to see that all is interconnected and that we cannot function separately. We become conscious that in a way we are responsible for one another as a whole. The situation in Fukushima in Japan makes this very clear. Whenever something goes ‘wrong’ on the other side of the world this can have an important influence on you as a person.

In Japan a giant nuclear disaster is happening. There is a lot of denial and illusion around the situation. Internationally or through official channels little is being told about the problems concerning radiated cooling water leaking into the ocean. (annotation*17) A lot of information about the problems which are experienced on the West coast of the United States can now be found on the internet.

Secure renewal

The problems in Fukushima are astrologically connected to the planet Uranus. As of June 2012 a battle has been is going on as Uranus in squaring with Pluto. The fight is about freedom and power. This is shown as a battle with the established order. For example through existing structures such as people working in a job where structures have been imposed by managers, a company or country and you accepted that authority. Renewal of these structures, laws, rules and all that we grant authority to is necessary now. (annotation*13) An example of this is the initiative www.collectiefonrecht.nl, who will file a lawsuit in European court against inheritance law and taxes in The Netherlands.

Renewal needs to be connected to peace and stability and needs to be supported in order to unfold in a safe way. If this is not the case then renewal might go beyond control. The power play at this moment (2012-2015) is huge. When Uranus’ energy (read: renewal) goes beyond control we will experience an acceleration in our evolution with distortions and mutations. This is clearly demonstrated by the exposure to radiation which we experienced in the past in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and Tsjernobyl in Ukraine. A nuclear power plant brings along huge risks.

From that perspective Pluto in Capricorn fights against the power of renewal from Uranus in Aries again as ‘guard on the doorstep’. Pluto demands taking a close look at responsibility. In this battle we are made aware that this way of energy supply is not a responsible one. In the upcoming year two peaks will arise in this battle: on April 21th 2014 and December 15th 2014. The last contact is on March 17th 2015. This battle is fought for all kinds of situations that are in need of renewal.

Personal responsibility

Apparently the tide will turn. What is happening in Fukushima makes us realize how interconnected we all are and that it is necessary to act as one. To cooperate and to take responsibility. (annotation*15) For this reason I organize a meditation of ‘BEING’ each last Saturday of the month. In this meditation we first connect to ourselves and then enter into silence, neutrality and BEING. When we reach the silence and a state of BEING neutral (out of duality) we connect to situations outside ourselves that need stability and solutions such as Fukushima, the situation in Groningen(NL), the monetary financial system etc.

From ‘BEING’(state of oneness) divine intervention and timing can take place in a situation on an energetic level. Through this, solutions can be found that will arrive spontaneously in the situation. In this way we can all take responsibility and contribute to the collective; some with energy input and others with more practical input. You could for example sign a petition of Avaaz demanding more openness about Fukushima. (annotation*25)


The situation in Groningen in the Netherlands provides new insights to us. In this area earthquakes have been reported as a consequence of gas drilling. Everyone in the Netherlands is benefiting financially from this gas drilling. Because of the current crisis in The Netherlands the revenues from drilling are very important. Groningen is drained and presented with problems due to gas drilling and doesn’t benefit from these revenues. We are asked to carry responsibility together as a whole so that no one will be victimized by another. (annotation*15)

The Netherlands and its mastery

The Netherlands has passed its Chiron return since March 2013 and this will continue until the beginning of 2014. Chiron represents the cosmic wound in the horoscope and will gain mastery during a Chiron return. For the Netherlands it is necessary to start governing whilst taking notice of the whole, the collective. If governing is weak or if only one is paying the bill for all the others then this situation in Groningen will get out of hand and probably continue up to 2017. (annotation*18) Administrative decisions that are being taken now will set the tone for the upcoming 50 years since it concerns an astrological Chiron return

Do we choose to add to this wound or do we choose to learn and master and heal this wound? Weak and chaotic governing is the cosmic wound of the Netherlands. Now is a chance for the Netherlands to understand and apply its healing power (mastery); governing from and for the collective, taking responsibility by being connected to the collective. Do we deal with the situation and choose mastery or do we choose to carry living in illusion pretending it’s not there, taking measures that only solve half the problem? Carrying on like this and not really solving things is Chirons wound in Pisces in 10th house.

The Netherlands Divine Core Quality is to reign in a conscious and equal way and to take responsibility and communicate this in an inspirational way. An example of this Divine Core Quality of The Netherlands is the so called ‘poldermodel’ of equal governance and consultation that was acknowledged worldwide and served as an example. (annotation *19) The Netherlands has a special function in the unfolding of unity consciousness in the Aquarius age in the world. The Netherlands has many conscious ‘lightworkers’ and mastery of the wound in the Netherlands is showing that spiritualism and energy work need to take a special place in the collective. I will publish another article on this subject in the first quarter of 2014.

4. Conclusion

Well, 2014 certainly doesn’t bring us insignificant messages. The tension between renewal and existing authority and power centers demand self-efficacy, peace and space to allow the new to unfold in a stable way.

Taking responsibility

The group of individuals, companies, managers etc. that chooses to let go of the old and allow the new to unfold, can experience the changes in a peaceful and quiet way. (annotation*20) Renewal will then have a counterbalance providing sufficient stability so things can unfold in a peaceful way. This means feel and choose your passion, own your creation and let go of how you think renewal should unfold. Sharing in a responsible and practical way will become more important during the new age. This means taking responsibility for authority granted. This demands raising awareness of your own self-empowerment. When you are in survival mode you will experience a battle for values and possession. Love in relationships will show us this battle for survival, for authority and responsibilities. (annotation*16)

Collective mastery

When we refuse to take responsibility and continue to control situations, we will probably end up in chaos not being able to express ourselves. The cosmic wound Chiron in Pisces in 5th house shows the importance of only expressing what is really experienced and what comes from within. Otherwise this energy might lead to strange distortions and chaotic situations.

In 2014 a new level of mastery can be reached in understanding and handling creational power on a collective level. Energy work and the way collectives can be navigated can reach new levels of Mastery. (annotation*17)

Passion from the heart

During the larger part of 2014 the divine Core Quality will be in the zodiac sign of Leo. (annotation*6) Practically this means we are being encouraged to live from our divine Core and express our special individuality, but without labels and identification or claiming special qualities. It is very important to respect, celebrate and express our own unique individuality. Just enjoy the experience and share your passion with others. The survival mechanism that comes with the Black Moon in Leo, expresses itself in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius. This survival mechanism results in continuously being drawn away from yourself by events around you.

Image: Leu van www.http://www.kagayastudio.com/

By being social in an inappropriate way you have no time and space left for yourself and your own passion and creation. Therefore it is of vital importance in 2014 to be aware all the time from what point you start your activities. Ask yourself whether you are still connected to the joy in your heart and your passion when you do what you do. Life and experiencing this divine Core Quality of passion from the hart ,will help you time and time again to draw away your creation from control, fear and ego parts of yourself and others. There is a desire to share this expression with others and to be social while at the same time maintaining your individuality and passion from the fire inside your heart.

Parameters of the new energy

In 2014 this creative power that sings in our heart is begging to be expressed in connection with others. This requires mastery over the astrological fixed cross to be stable. These are Taurus versus Scorpio and Leo versus Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius axis demands freedom, a social approach, experiencing and sharing your inner passion without labeling or claiming it.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis allows us to experience your worthiness and trust what your heart is abundantly singing and let go in which way it has to manifest at the same time. The games of power are so sophisticated that it is actually possible to make a giant leap to a new way of existence. Each in his or her own unique way. These are the parameters of the new group energy and the energy of the of Aquarius.

Age of Aquarius

2014 is the year in which individuality (Leo) and group energy (Aquarius) will be invented in a new way. The pioneers will practically experience and discover the foundation of the Aquarius age (annotation *6) Finally this will happen! Aquarius and Leo energy are strongly linked. If we only live one energy of these astrological signs without the other, tension will arise. Therefore it is of vital importance that both energies are represented when the new group energies of the Aquarius age are revealing itself.

This can be achieved by connecting to our own individuality first and then connect to others. Key words are: Equality, consciousness, social sharing, individuality passion, expression and creativity. More cooperative initiatives such as Vitaness will start in 2014 (annotation *24) The upcoming year is very appropriate for initiatives such as these, building new societies and ways of living together in a new harmonic way.

Sometimes we will be searching intensely, rising up every time after you fall, to find the new flow. The Netherlands fulfills her own special role, discover the ways of Aquarius with its divine Core quality in Aquarius and Saturn in conjunction. In the first quarter of 2014 I will publish an article on this subject. In 2014 I will organize meetings to experience and discover the new group energy supported by the divine geometry of the Flower of Life and other geometrical patterns. The Flower of Life allows us to experience the new Aquarius age on an energetic level. It opens the energetic path but only if you approach this with non-dualistic energy, from a state of being allied with unity. We will discover the group energy of the Aquarius age each from our own unique Core quality in an open and playful way. Geometry will be there to support us.

Flower of Life praktijk Manuela

Published EARTH MATHERS en WANT TO KNOW febr. 2014.

Annotations and astrological explanation:

Written by Manuela van der Knaap. www.inzichten.com

Astrological events in 2014

April 15 2014 Total Moon eclipse 7:42 GMT

April 29 2014 Annual Sun eclipse 6:14 GMT

October 8 2014 Total Moon eclipse 10:51 GMT

October 23 2014 Partial Sun Eclipse 20:51 GMT

*Apparently around June 5th 2014 again a Star-tetrahedron will emerge. Water triangle: Saturn in Scorpio triangle Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, triangle Jupiter conjunct black Sun in Cancer. Earth triangle: Pluto conjunct Diamond in Capricorn triangle Moon in Virgo and triangle Venus in Taurus. The energy of a Star-tetrahedron is forcing us to move along. Al the energies are constantly activating one another. So the let us experience a leap in growth and change.

*Large triangle of Saturn in Scorpio triangle Chiron and Neptune in Pisces Jupiter and black Sun (or black Moon) in Cancer. Starts around half May till half September 2014.

*Jupiter is in conjunction with the Black Moon and will then transfer to the Black Sun in January 2014. In the beginning of June the Black Sun will hand over Jupiter again to the Black Moon.

Annual horoscope for the world

1-1-2014 00:00 GMT Greenwich

This year I will indicate the horoscope from January 1st. The mutual agreement is (almost everywhere in the world), that our new year starts on this date and therefore I chose this date for the annual horoscope. My earlier article on the winter solstice primarily described what we experienced in our inner world for the year to come. (annotation *5)

*1 Northern Moon node in the 2th house in Scorpio 5th degree and corrected Northern Moon node on the 6th degree. Images are from the book: Beeldgids van de dierenriem van Helene W. en Willem A.Koppejan ISBN: 90-202-1670-8

*2 Moon in the 3rd house IC, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Diamond, Priapus, Venus in 4th house all conjunct in Capricorn.

*3 To make the leap from trust Southern Moon node in Taurus in 8th house to Northern Moon node in 2nd house in Scorpio.

*4 The uncorrected Northern Moon node in 5th degree of Scorpio in 2nd house.

*5 Article on the winter solstice and silent meditation from BEING. https://inzichten.com/agenda/stilte-meditatie-van-zijn.html

*6 The corrected Black Moon already enters Leo on January 31th 2014, returns to Cancer on May 12th to remain in Leo again on June 16th till September 17th. Between November 20th 2014 and January 31th January 2015 the corrected Black Moon is also in Leo. The uncorrected Black Moon is in Leo as off March 5th 2014 until November 29th 2014.

*7 Quality of BEING (Spark of God) of 13 year old youngsters: The uncorrected Black Moon was in Capricorn as off March 2th 2000 until November 26th 2000. The corrected Black Moon dances around it and is active from January 8th 2000 until March 29th 2000 and from May 25th 2000 until August 24th 2000 and from October 9th 2000 until January 8th 2001. Logan Laplante: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/01/07/this-is-what-happens-when-a-kid-leaves-traditional-education/

Ken Robinson: Do schools kills creativity:

with subtitles.

*8 Transit Black Moon in Cancer was conjunct Priapus in Cancer. This brings correction of the survival mechanism, upgrading this mechanism. The survival mechanism (Priapus in Cancer)that comes from this Core quality in Capricorn (Spark of God) is energy or emotional feeding or being drained. There is an absence of powerful authenticity/uniqueness and responsibility, because the Core quality shuts down and cannot be reached.

*9 On: ‘Uitzending gemist’ and the TV show ‘Boeken met Wim Brands’ a conversation with Rob Riemen can be watched about his book: ‘De universiteit van het leven’.

http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1389347 The conversation starts at 16 minutes and 10 seconds of this video.

*10 Northern Moon node in the 2th house in Scorpio 5th degree and corrected Moon node at 6th degree. Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio 2nd house, triangle Jupiter (Jupiter is also in conjunct with Black Moon, Black Sun, Diamond and MC). Jupiter conj. Black Moon in Cancer 10th house inspires us to allow structures to unfold from within. To follow our own inner road and through this heal this connection.

*10a Black Moon in Cancer 10th house, inspires us to allow structures to unfold from within. To follow our own inner road and through this heal this connection. The Black Sun opens the Black Moon in Cancer, this is the Core of our Being which is the Source itself.

*11 Corrected Northern Moon node will move into Libra end of February; February 20th 1 day in Libra and then from February 25th 2014 in Libra until end of 2015. The uncorrected Northern Moon node will move into Libra on March 23th 2014.

*12 Monsanto was granted a patent on natural broccoli in Europe……



Pluto in Capricorn in reception with Saturn in Scorpio. Black Moon in Cancer in 2013 and in the beginning of 2014, brings attention to food and inner food.

*13 Black Moon is in Leo see annotation*6 and the annual horoscope shows Mars on the ascendant in an astrological ‘mill’, almost all planets are involved: Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Diamond, corrected Priapus, Priapus and Venus in Capricorn 3rd and 4th house square Uranus in Aries, square Black Sun, Jupiter, corrected Black Moon in Cancer 10th house, square Mars on the ascendant in Libra. (grand cardinal cross).

*14 Almost new Moon at 1-1-2014 annual horoscope 2014. Moon and Sun conjunct in Capricorn.

*15 Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Diamond, corrected Priapus, Priapus and Venus in Capricorn 3rd and 4th house is the top of a kite connected to a large triangle between the Northern Moon node triangle Chiron triangle and MC, Black Sun, Jupiter, corrected Black Moon in Cancer, Black Moon in Cancer in10th house. This a grand spiritual triangle and not easy to see through from the lower levels.

*16 Grounding (priapus) of the Black Moon in Capricorn with Venus as final planet.

*17 Chiron conjunct Neptune in Pisces in 5th house.

*18 Neptune makes a conjunction with Chiron for a long time. This conjunct has been here for years now and in 2014 they start to disconnect, however the influence of Neptune on Chiron will remain present for quite a while. Horoscope of the Netherlands: March 16th 18:15 om 10:27 LMT The Hague. Transit Neptune is conjunct with Chiron in Pisces in 10th house of the Netherlands, March 2016, September 2016 and January 2017.

*19 The Netherlands has its Black Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in 9th house.

*20 The Black Moon rollercoaster ends in the Diamond conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Cosmic octave is peace and stability.

*21 The overpowering pressure of structure is found in the survival mechanism of Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Diamond, Priapus and Venus in Capricorn in 3rd and 4th house of the annual horoscope of 2014. Chaos in the year horoscope 2014 belongs to the wound of Chiron conjunct Neptune in the 5th house.

*22 Annual horoscope for the world 1-1-2017 00:00:00 GMT Greenwich. In this horoscope Black Moon is in Scorpio in 2nd house, Priapus (survival) in Taurus in 8th house. I expect a new flow in our collective value system starting in this year. Maybe we will make a leap to one world coin or local coins.

-Video of Willem Middelkoop: www.rtlnieuws.nl/economie/home/big-reset-willem-middelkoop-legt-uit-15-minuten.

-YouTube movie with English subtitles, see Willem Middelkoop talking about the big reset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbq0Lh0SV1A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

*23 http://www.edelmetaal-info.nl/2013/12/bitcoin-uitgelegd/ by Peter B.Meijer.

Below this column the YouTube video of Karen Hudes is posted. Another link in which she explains the situation: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/money/karen-hudes-predicts-permanent-gold-backwardation.html

*24 Vitaness https://www.vitaness.nl/

*25 Petition of Avaaz concerning honesty about Fukushima: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Tepco_the_government_of_Japan_and_all_politicians_around_the_world_We_need_to_know_the_real_truth_right_now_about_the_nu/?cJoldab

More information on Fukushima: http://www.bovendien.com/categorieen/actualiteit/fukushima-tell-us-the-truth

*26 Venus receives all energy of the conjunction. Venus is the last planet in this conjunction. Black Moon is almost all of 2014 in Leo. Priapus is in Aquarius and that results in survival on a social level.

*27 Broadcast by Tegenlicht VPRO on January 26th: http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl/afleveringen/2013-2014/de-biecht-van-de-bankier.html

*28 SMCO: http://www.collectiefonrecht.nl : Collective initiative to reclaim inheritance tax from the tax institute in Holland (de Belastingdienst). 

© Copyright Manuela van der Knaap. This information can be circulated as a whole, presuming no money will be made and this annotation is added. If you would like to publish this information in a magazine or on a website; this is only allowed after written permission by the author. De author can be reached by email trough the website: www.inzichten.com

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