September 2015’s special eclipses (ENGELS)

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September 2015 gives us the opportunity to experience a special solar eclipse coinciding with the final day of the year of the Lamb as well as the lunar tetrad – the “blood moon’s” eclipse. Both eclipses mark a special moment in time for both the world and the financial markets. The purpose of these special eclipses are to connect and to bring peace and justice. This article will explain the personal effects it might have on you and the effects it might have on the world. Be aware that nothing in your future is set in stone. Therefore I will outline all information regarding the inner process, to provide you with a deeper understanding of the processes and background of the situation. Keep feeling whether something resonates with yourself. The information on these eclipses will be appropriate for several years, but will be most relevant for the next six months. 

Eclipse’s general effects

A solar eclipse is always accompanied by one or more lunar eclipses. These are universal markers in time and matter. A solar eclipse mainly impacts day to day consciousness, meaning the practical and social. A lunar eclipse mostly impacts the personal and collective subconscious and therefore usually has a transforming effect. An example of this is the effect of the 2008 lunar eclipse which showed a substantial adjustment in the stock market.*1 

Year of the Lamb

2015 is a ‘Shemitah’ year. According to the bible it is a year where the lamb will not be slaughtered but left in peace.  The Shemitah or Lamb year has a 7 year cycle. Another name for ‘Shemitah’ would be ‘Sabbatical year’. Some prophecies tell us these are the years when god hits back. The Jewish people are ordered to remit any debts on the last day of the year of the Lamb. (Deuteronomium 15)*2

Previous Lamb years where 2001 and 2008 and during these years major adjustments at the stock exchange took place. 2001 was the year of the collapse of the dot-com bubble and the year where the twin towers were attacked. In 2008 the housing bubble blew; which bubble will burst in 2015? I will not speculate on this any further however, considering the state of the current financial markets another adjustment is not entirely unimaginable.*3

Year of the Lamb and the stock exchange

There is more. The 13th September will be the last day of the 2015 Lamb year which coincides with a partial solar eclipse. The same happened in 1931 and 1987, a solar eclipse coincided with the last day of the year of the Lamb. These days characterize enormous financial events.

Author, Rabbi and pastor Jonathan Cahn explains: “In 1931, a solar eclipse took place on Sept. 12 – the end of a “Shemitah” year. Eight days later, England abandoned the gold standard, setting off market crashes and bank failures around the world. It also ushered in the greatest month long stock market percentage crash in Wall Street history.” *4

Cahn: “In 1987, a solar eclipse took place Sept. 23 – again the end of a “Shemitah” year. Less than 30 days later came “Black Monday” the greatest percentage crash in Wall Street history.” *4

Astrological similarities

Astrologically there are similarities between the solar eclipses in 1931, 1987 and 2015. Astrologically there is always a cosmic octave involved in these horoscopes as for example Pisces or the astrological 12th house.*5 This indicates divine intervention (cosmically and universally) and collective events. Another star sign connected with these three horoscopes is Aries. The star sign Aries is connected with sudden events, violence and battles. 

The eclipses of 1931 and 1987 show an energetic course towards sudden transformations.*6 The difference with this year’s Aries energy is that this time it shows us survival energy (*7 Priapus: astrological point of survival). However, events will develop in the opposite direction namely: peace, justice and connections in unity. *8


Any sudden events taking place after September 2015 within the financial markets, will eventually bring peace, connectivity and restore the divine order.  I expect the ‘blood moon’s’ total lunar eclipse, taking place two weeks after the solar eclipse, might start this process. *9 The general message is: stay true to yourself, grounded, in tune and connected to yourself and not the chaos surrounding you. Take time for the guidance of the inner transformations and new connections, and let them guide you.

1945, a Lamb year

1945 was another year of the Lamb, a Shemitah year, and the end of the Second World War. In 1945 the Black Moon was positioned in Libra, like it does now. According to the cosmic horoscope the Black Moon points to the influx of energy from source: which inspires and lifts us to new layers of consciousness within ourselves and in the world. *9a Black Moon in Libra inspires co-creation, justice and peace. A joint effort took place between countries to stop the war and create peace. Currently it feels as if the current global issues relating to IS and migrants will not be resolved by one country alone. Black Moon in Libra will again encourage cooperation to help solve these and other issues. 

YouTube film on refugees:

Power summit

When we look at the vertical movement of the planets at the Northern Hemisphere, we will see Pluto, who reigns power, at her supreme height during the second World War. Pluto then found her ultimate expression of power in the world (declination north). *9b (In the Dutch annual horoscope 2012 more information on this subject) 

After 1945 we past this peak and the world powers created then, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, still define the established order.

Declinations of Pluto
Image: Declination of Pluto.

Inner power

Currently we have reached a point similar to the one in 1930, the main difference being, that Pluto now makes her vertical movement across the Southern Hemisphere. Her movement mainly inwards, means that her evolution is asking us to develop power over ourselves; an inner power. This path will lead us to autonomy and sovereignty. 

Evolutionary completion

Pluto, who represents power and impotence, currently shows a completion of an evolutionary path. She is situated at the edge of our solar system and the beginning of the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper belt is a thick belt situated around our solar system and consists of small bodies of debris, smaller heavenly bodies and stardust. 

In July 2015 the ‘official’ unmanned space ship ‘New Horizon’ reached Pluto and after travelling for 9.5 years the first images were send to earth. This was an important step for the collective evolution. This event shows us that we are ready to experience Pluto, who represents power, consciously on a practical level. We will penetrate trough the manifestations of power and impotence in ourselves, others and in the world. 

Film First Encounter Pluto YouTube movie on first encounter.

Final frontier

Pluto is our final frontier and our Solar system’s gatekeeper to the universe. In our regular 3D’s lives we experience Pluto as power and disempowerment. We need to understand Pluto before a safe connection can be made with the larger universe as a whole. Up until now life was mainly a survival of the fittest where man tried to rule by force. 

However, what happens then is a loss of consciousness but instead a focus on the outside world and others. When experiencing impotence you lose your inner power and strength. Power and impotence are expressions of polarity. When you are grounded within yourself and focused on joy you will become a part of the greater order of things; this is synchronicity. It would be an illusion to think we can control and extend our force over something outside ourselves. 


Pluto asks us to surrendering to the greater whole. When there is love for yourself, consciousness and presence, you will be taken in by a greater flow and your life will move forward in synchronicity. It’s about surrendering polarity and control. You will become part of the ‘Flower of Life’ of life itself; you only need to take your place in the whole. Your Seed of Life (Divine Personality, 7 circles) is a part of the greater Flower of Life (37 circles). Pluto is the Final Frontier, when we understand and apply her message, the higher self (multi-dimensional self) can ensoul the organization of your life. 

First Encounter

The spaceship’s First Encounter with Pluto shows us how we are starting to master this power within our lives. The first images showed us a large white hart on her surface. No power or impotence but love and surrender are the answer and the way into the universal.  At this moment the spaceship is continuing its way in to the Kuiper belt uncovering new layers of our consciousness. 


The above astrologically manifests in the conjunction of Pluto and the Diamond. The Diamond is the point of crystallizing of the God spark; of our core self; where the God spark is being integrated. *9c It is the point where we become autonomous and we can finally be authentic. Currently Pluto is reaching its Cosmic octave, past polarity. Power and powerlessness become surrender. Around the 24th of October this phase will conclude and it will be put to use. 


It is said that after the solar eclipse of the 13th September 2015 a Jubilee starts. The Jubilee takes place when 7×7=49 Lamb years have passed. The Jubilee will be its 50th year.*9d  Jubilee is a jubilee of Lamb’s years could be extra powerful. I will not go into this extensively as it is hard to pin down when the Jubilee years have started, it is speculative. 

Solar Eclipse

Practical information

The partial solar eclipse will visible in the Southern part of Africa and Indonesia and on Antarctic. The eclipse reaches it maximum point at 8:41am Central European time on the 13th September 2015. Please note that the eclipse will not be visible in Europe. 

Theme Solar Eclipse 

The partial solar eclipse on the 13th of September 2015 brings us re-organization and connects us to a new collective arrangement. This bring about new relationships and co-creations happen, necessary to actively and practically live this new arrangement. *10 The Black Moon in the cosmic horoscope marks the spiritual and invisible. It is the inward flux of the sources’ cosmic energy for the collective and the individual.

In September 2015 the Black Moon has a close connection with the solar and lunar eclipses, therefore is the sources energy influx directly involved to the Black Moon. We cannot deny the higher cosmic influences. The Black Moon in Virgo sits in the 12th house and is being regarded as ‘Divine judgment’. The year of the Lamb, which is this year, is regarded as God’s year, were all accounts are being settled. *11

Cosmic astrology shows us that the only security we have is tuning in with our Divine core. We can act by not acting and trust the cosmic current of synchronicity, new order, choices, connectedness and relationships. *10&12

‘Higher’ intervention

The divine re-organization and restructuring has a deep effect in the physical body and wellbeing in general. The larger series of solar eclipses to which this one belongs; Sarosserie 18 North, carries the theme; increased stress levels (illness/accidents) and is of a physical nature. *13

The (Sabian) symbol, towards which the solar eclipses energy evolves, shows us the ‘higher’ cosmic intervention on a practical level in the transformation process (butterfly). *14 Symbol: ‘A sun beam shines through a butterfly and makes it perfect’.

Sabian Symbol 1 degree Libra: ‘A sun beam shines through a butterfly and makes it perfect’.

Personal consequence 

Energetically, the cosmic energy will integrate into the deepest layers of matter, where the divine frequencies couldn’t reach before. *15 It will reach the lower regions of our body and our lowest chakras. The cosmic energy’s influx will bring new balance where this has been lost, and will make new connections; in our body, between and inside our organs and in our existence. Let the cosmic energy in and let go and keep breathing. Feel that you are perfect the way you are, with all that is going on. There are no rules for you to exist. (society’s terms and conditions) Everything is as it should be. Loving soul connections come into existence when you have found deep peace within yourself; with synchronicity and ease they will arrange and put into motion your life without effort. Synchronicity, divine order and re-organization will induce rightful connections and relationships. 

These structures might not be visible to everyone immediately, however, there is not a more effective way of ordering than through the divine and universal ways and energies. During this special moment, the partial solar eclipse of September 2015, you are invited to come and join likeminded people in mediation in my practice. More information can be found at: 


If this inner connection is not in place you might not be able to organize practical matters and you will instead draw on connections which cause pushing and pulling and battles. It is then easy to regress to connections which are dominated by aggression and to fall back on seeking recognition in organizing common causes. Survival may cause being driven by fear and anger, focusing on what is not right, generally being against something and even transformation through revolution. Survival activity and fear will not give a real support, you mainly lose your energy. It can cause illness and physical problems when you stick to the old. Naivety and inappropriate trust/confidence without discernment can lead to problems and false connections in your life. Be thorough in your observations, connected but autonomous. *16 At this moment in time, claiming back your autonomy, structure and sovereignty, free you from the current survival in chaos and it puts you in your authenticity with new depts and roots. (incl. ancestral and DNA)*17

Collective process

This solar eclipse has extra transforming power which flow with ease. *12a  The eclipse in Virgo, an earth sign, will especially effect virility, harvest, recession and financial troubles, earthquakes, eruptions and practical matters. On a collective level it brings about restructuring which could create chaos. All the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and it will show us where we, as a collective, are wounded; where we pay a price which is not ours to pay. This is reflected in our banking system. Victoria Grant, 12, explains clearly what is wrong with our banking system and how we can change it:


It will not be easy for our leaders; they will be faced with choices and make connections where engagement, harmony and peace are the main players. They will have to grow and evolve to become ‘bigger persons’ or new leaders will take their place. Both the solar and lunar eclipse impacts leaders greatly. *12b 

‘Blood moon’ Lunar eclipse

What is a ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar eclipse? 

In 2008 the American Mark Biltz discovered that Lunar and Solar eclipses coincided with biblical events. *18 These are called ‘Tetrades’ and are being regarded as special markers in time. The four lunar eclipses turn blood red and coincide two years in a row, 2014 and 2015, one around Easter and one around the feast of Tabernacles each year. The lunar eclipse on the 28th September 2015 is the fourth and last Blood Moon lunar eclipse. 

Practical information

This is a total lunar eclipse which can be viewed on the night of September 27/28 2015 in North America, Europe, Western Asia and parts of Africa. The eclipse starts and 2.11am and reaches is maximum point at 4:47am and ends at 7:25am Central European time. 


This total lunar eclipse is a ‘Supermoon’. A Supermoon is closer to earth and therefore seems larger. This ‘bloodred’ lunar eclipse turn red right before the eclipse. This is a very special lunar eclipse. You are invited to join me at a visit to the dolphins, to experience this special time. More info:


Tetrades show us a period in time where important shifts take place in our world.  Even when the shifts are not visible at that exact time. For Jewish people and Israel important events have taken place around these years. The last three Tetrades of blooded lunar eclipses where: 1492/1493: Columbus discovered America, Spanish inquisition and the Jews where driven from Spain. 1949/1950: North Atlantic Treaty was signed, NATO was incorporated. First government of Israel took seat.  1967/1968: Six-day war between Israel and her Arabic neighbors. The capture of Gaza strip, Sinai, West Bank and Golan heights quadrupled the Israeli territories. This issue is not resolved. The current Tetrad is 2014/2015. Which shifts will take place this time?

*19 YouTube film on this Super Blood moon eclipse.

The return of Christ or the end of time?

Many believe that the Tetrades are connected to important (prophetic) events for humanity. Especially with regard to Israel, Tetrades are being regarded as important prophetic markers. The internet is a full of religiously tinged information; it might be the return of Christ or it could be the end of time. Many are pushing their projections on this remarkable situation.*20 Judgements and projections are 2015’s survival method. September 2015’s Solar eclipse activates the energy of the annual 2015’s horoscope. ( Annual horoscope 2015 in Dutch )

My view is that the only real salvation and enlightenment is to be found in your own heart and will not be about one nation. It is instead about the bringing together of all facets of the whole; being beside one another like brothers and sisters. This is 2015’s theme.*20 It could be about the centuries old situation and fighting concerning Jerusalem. I will try to look at the situation neutrally by passing on information, this way you can draw your own conclusions. 

Theme ‘Blood moon’ lunar eclipse

Fourteen days after the solar eclipse the last activation of the Tetrades of ‘Blood red’ lunar eclipses 2014-2015 will take place. The theme of the ‘Blood red’ lunar eclipse is: By being connected to the deepest layers of your being we bring the ego, the me on the personal level, to new ‘divine’ expression. This godly imprint is here for the new human; and shows us how to rise above polarity.*21  As a human being we are the intermediate between the cosmos and earth, our body is meant as a conductor for these connections. You could be wearing gold or other gold plated materials, especially with a high frequency as, for example, the Flower of Life. These help establish the inner connections. Wearing gold can help support the body and the energy bodies to establish new connections.

Connection with the self

Through inner connections, new cosmic frequencies are openly and actively established in the body as well as in the personality. The next ‘Sabian’ symbol can be experienced on an inner level: ‘A sun beam shines through a butterfly and makes it perfect’.

The ‘Sabian’ symbol can be experienced on an inner level: ‘A beam of light piercing through a butterfly’. ‘Influx of cosmic light to aide transformation’.*22  It will be possible to dissolve old frequencies and blockages in the lower chakras; the root chakra and other earth connections (esp. the lowest part of the body) as a new high frequency cosmic energy flows in. These frequencies have never before been integrated in the deepest physical layers. The ego (the personality) will experience a more harmonious frequency and the body will integrate new universal connections. When the differences in frequencies from the body (or parts of the body) and influx of energies becomes too great, this can cause discomfort and pain. The old low frequencies will be dissolve and integrated. This is the case for both the solar and the lunar eclipse however both do this in a different manner. *23 The solar eclipse brings the source’s light pulse and the lunar eclipse lays the foundation and grounds the energy in matter and the unconscious. Solar and Lunar eclipses are cosmic anchors in time and matter for our planet and they will set the tone for at least the remains of 2015. For some people it might be recommended to look at their diet to ease the transition for their physical body. Physical complaints like allergic reactions to food could be a symptom of the integration of this cosmic energy. 

Battling on another’s territory

Maybe circumstances don’t allow you to experience the inner cosmic octave. Instead you will find yourself be thrown into survival mode with boldness, false securities, too much confidence and naivety which cut you off you off from reality. It’s possible attacks and aggression can come to you from your environment. *24

When this happens it is time to wake up and connect to your authentic power within to see trough aggression which is based on fear and not authentic.  You might be tempted to seek quarrels. Being in survival mode make you see conspiracy in everything and seek support with others. Maybe even organize revolutions and  protest marches to try and turn the tide. 

Survival is based in fear and on other peoples believes. This is a negative current and can be experienced as something needing to be stopped. Because you are fighting a battle on another person’s turf. *25 You won’t be true to yourself but confirming someone else’s values.  Then your creating will be based in a negative current, from fear, your mind pushing and pulling against the flow of life.) Everything will be experienced as an effort. This lunar eclipse is able to awaken deep subconscious fears, pain and trauma’s. Do not struggle against these but face them head on. Possibly simply feeling them will be enough to let them melt away. *26 Instead of anger and victimization you will be grounded and you will know your own worth. You will be based in your strength and all you do will be much more effective. 


These same processes are applicable to relationships. We will be inspired to take a close look at how you are tied up in relationships and gauge them. The Black Moon’s influx of cosmic energy from 26th August 2015 until the 20th May 2016 (and briefly from the 26th August 2016 until the 9th of September 2016) inspires us to lift connections to a higher level. The old is being torn down before new relationships will appear. During April 2014 until November 2015 the Libra North Node has been carrying this theme as well. Whatever is not connected will now disappear from relationships and other connections. Now relationships can be rebuilt in a pure manner. This will lead towards choice and co-creating with others, the pouring out of talents and enjoyment, it will be like a recognitions of life’s fundamentals. *27


On a collective level most people are still living their lives driven by their survival instinct. The blood moon’s lunar eclipse’s horoscope shows us that the people might rise up, driven by the survival instincts, and will thereby instigate change. This is about values and other’s wealth, like banks, and political hidden agendas, lobbyists and shadow networks. Manipulations and conspiracies can suddenly be brought to the surface: whatever needs to be brought down as it is not pure and has done its time. We will see how this astrological aspect will impact. *28

Creating new foundations

In your life, close relationships will unfold when you are giving them your fullest attention and this will bring you into the flow of life. It is possible to experience new values in relationships and other connections like; I exist, therefore I am enough. I can enjoy the abundance life brings me, unconditionally. I don’t have to satisfy anyone’s needs. Everything I need in this life is here. I am worthy and talented, and these values will all flow easily into my life. 

Connections, close relationships and deeper co-creations are easily established because you stand for your own worth and this you radiate. In this flow whatever you need will come with synchronicity onto your path. Connections and engaged relationships with likeminded people will establish easily so co-creation can flourish. Your foundations will be solid and clear. And it is from this foundation, from this frequency, that you will establish meaningful relationships and new connections with others. *29 And this is how financially you will find what you need. Finances will flow as well and will help you financially to get you in a positive flow. However, these new relationships can confront you with deep unconscious fear and invite you to solve them. Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

You will act effectively in close relationships and when co-creating with others. This is completely different from you actions which are coming from survival mode and fear against something. In this positive flow you will honor another’s worth and will not try to change a person and you will be grounded and stay true to yourself. This way when something doesn’t feel right you will not lose energy on it, but you will built new engaged relationships and foundations. Even though there is a lot of fear and survival energy surrounding you, this flow and connection with your inner being will see you through. 

Collectively and financially the Lunar eclipse’s cosmic horoscope shows us that we are engaged in the creation of building new foundations for humanity. 

*Inspiration; Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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*17 Black Sun in Cancer 10th house, flows to Diamond in the 4th house conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. ‘Bloodred’ Lunar eclips of september 28th, 2015, 2:50 GMT Greenwich

‘Bloodred’ Lunar eclips of september 28th, 2015, 2:50 GMT Greenwich

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In the solar eclipse is the not corrected North Lunar Node on the 1ste degree Libra.: ‘A beam of light piercing through a butterfly’. Southern Lunar Node conjunct Priapus and Moon in Aries in the 8the house opposition North Lunar Node conjunct Black Moon in Libra, Sun, Mercury. We collectively and financially create a new foundations for humanity and is moving deep in to the unconscious.

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*30 Source from image:

Inspiration; Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

© Copyright Manuela van der Knaap. This information can be circulated as a whole, presuming no money will be made and this annotation is added. If you would like to publish this information in a magazine or on a website; this is only allowed after written permission by the author. De author can be reached by email trough the website:

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Manuela van der Knaap

Manuela heeft een gediplomeerde achtergrond in de psychologische astrologie. Haar huidige werk is gericht op het brengen van bewustzijn en groei naar heelheid en eenheid in de mens. Als je vragen hebt of je wilt meer weten over de werking en mogelijkheden van de kosmische horoscoop, het ontdekken van je eigen persoonlijke weg of je wilt andere artikelen van Manuela ontvangen kijk dan op

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